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Rouge is in need of some patrons

As you may or may not know, the Rouge sim is a living piece of art created by Eshi Otawara. The sim itself is financed directly by sales from MechanizedLife.Com, my gears and gadget shop, located in a small portion of Rouge. However, in those difficult economic times, Rouge has grown costly to maintain, this is why we are doing this call to patrons. If you love art and if you love Rouge, here’s how you can help:

– Donate: There are little donation boxes scattered all around Rouge. Drop something in it, it’s always appreciated. You can also donate directly to CodeBastard Redgrave inworld if you can’t find a donation box.

– Buy art: My Boudoir Rouge portraits are on display all around Rouge. You can buy those unique copies of those artworks inworld, and contribute to Rouge’s tiers this way. You have the choice to keep the piece on place for display, or bring it home with you.

– Party: Want to have a very special place to celebrate your rezday or birthday, or any special occasion? You can rent Rouge for any event. It’s free, but we suggest a voluntary contribution of 5000L per night. We provide the Shoutcast stream, and you can bring your own DJ, or we can find one for you.

– Designers: Want to contribute to the fashion life of Rouge? You can design something to be sold exclusively on the Rouge sim, and take a split agreement with us, which would help for tiers contribution. Contact Gabby Panacek or CodeBastard Redgrave for such inquiries.

– Buy gears: One other way to contribute is to buy from the MechanizedLife shop on Rouge, or my Boudoir Rouge series of poses. It is one way of getting quality stuff and donating to the tiers fund.

– Regular donations: If you want to contribute to the monthly fees, please feel welcome. Any amount given on a regular basis entitles you to receive special thank you gifts from Codie. We are also thinking of a Rouge Wall of Fame to display the names of our generous donators.

Remember that Rouge is a non-profit, and exists solely for promoting SecondLife arts like photography, music, and building. We thank you in advance for your generosity.

Codie <3

Found: Injured Neko – Part 1- A SecondLife Comic

Well after my last shoot with Azkaronne, me and her selected 12 shots to be retouched and used for this Comic book page/storyline mini project. There will be 2 more shoots / episodes to come. While then, I really hope you enjoy this work I spent a good time on, just for your viewing pleasure.

Please CLICK on the comic strip below to view it Large, or Right Click the image and Open in new Window/Tab for a Large view.

Best viewed with Large or Original Flickr setting.