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Exclusive: Rouge “Dream” Ensemble by ala Mood

Jori Watler has always been a great friend to Codie and I. She is, simply, family. So, when she offered to create an exclusive Rouge version of her gorgeous “Dream” Ensemble, we were over-the-moon excited, but not at all surprised by her generosity.

The “Dream” Rouge Ensemble includes necklace, rings, cuffs – and as an added incentive – the matching earrings. The only place this set is available is at the Rouge Boutique and 50% of the proceeds benefit the Rouge Tiers fund.

The Rouge sim is owned by CodeBastard Redgrave and was designed and built by Eshi Otawara. Rouge is home to the CodeRed Lounge, Boudoir Rouge Gallery Walk, Rouge Boutique and the Mechanized Life main store.

Designers, interested in the Rouge Affiliate Program? Contact me for more information about offering your items in the Rouge Boutique. Many thanks to Jori for her continued friendship and patronage. Visit ala Mood for more of Jori’s amazing designs.

MachinimaCam: Huge price drop and giveaways

MachinimaCam sales have been a huge success. Customers have been generous of their time suggesting new features, reporting bugs, and generally being good to deal with. I sold enough MachinimaCam HUDs to finance the future developments, so I decided it was time to make a move for the community. Since MachinimaCam 0.12 is on the way to be shipped and much of the hardest part of developing the MCAPI framework is done, I want to give an early season gift to all of those who supported the development of this device.

Here is the deal:

  1. From now on regular MachinimaCam price drops from 4000L$/4500L$ to 2000L. This is a permanent change and will be reflected inworld as well as OnRez and SLX.
  2. Current MachinimaCam owners (before 18/12/2007 3:00PM LST) that bought it through SLX, OnRez, or in one of my stores gets 1 free MachinimaCam giveaway to ANY other avatar inworld. To request your extra giveaway, please send me a notecard entitled “MachinimaCam Giveaway” and write the following information: Your complete avatar name, where did you buy the device (SLX,OnRez,inworld), and the complete name of the avatar that will recieve the giveaway camera.
  3. I am offering a FREE MachinimaCam to any educational organization that produce tutorial videos or do experimental machinima videos. To request a free unit, please send me a notecard entitled “MachinimaCam Educational” stating: Organisation name, organisation mission, website URL,email, and complete name of the avatar that should recieve the free unit.
  4. Furthermore, I am giving away 5 FREE MachinimaCam devices to 5 already established machinima artists. Send me a notecard entitled “MachinimaCamArtist” and stating: Your complete avatar name, a list of your previous works, and a short description of your work. I will select the 5 best entries on Friday, 21st and send out the free boxed cameras to the winners.

I would ♥♥♥ to thanks the hundreds of customers that supported the development efforts on this device, and to tell them those efforts have not been vain. The new system will allow dozens of new effects to be added to the device, and extensions way beyond what was previously intended. Watch this blog for more news on the next release.

Thought Police debarks in SecondLife

If you didn’t already hear about that shockwave hitting SecondLife in the last weeks, you must be living under a rock or didn’t login into SL for a long while. Since most of it has already been decried by others, I just wanted to add my voice to those of the vast majority of the mature SL community to denounce this new 1984 like climate on our wonderful metaverse that stays one of Role Playing between consensual adults. I wont comment more, I will just link to articles from Pixel Pulse mag and from my uber-blog guru Tateru Nino explaining the problem in details.

From PixelPulse: Linden Labs adds to the list of tought crimes

From Tateru Nino: Our world, our rules

Daniel Linden pretends that a vast majority of the community actually agrees with the measures taken by Linden Labs. Let’s show them that we are responsible citizens and that we still don’t agree with those so called community rules. Write to the Lindens, complain in the forums, blog about it, voice your opinions.