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So yeah, I use Kratom.

So for those that don’t know, in 2015 I was in a major car accident where I was hit in the rear at high speed by an idiot who was texting while I was sat at a traffic light. In the accident I received a huge back injury where 2 discs were fractured in my lower back. It was a tough time and in truth I never healed properly.

Each year when winter came around I would suffer pain in my back, this year has been particularly brutal and since the accident I have been prescribed many pain killers such as Voltaren, Vikadin, Mobric, Celemex and more… Between building up a tolerance and damage to my Kidneys and stomach ulcers caused by these drugs I have been forced to look into other options.

Looking online I came across a lot of people saying the same thing. People were all stating the same issues I had with pain killers as well as other problems such as addiction, cost, availability and Doctors not listening to patients needs.

People are all different and we all have different needs, yet the world of big pharma are all prescribing the same things to us. There has to be a better solution I thought, and I think I found it.

Kratom is a plant from southern asia, it’s used as a legal high in places such as Thailand by locals and tourists.

This is what I use, I used kratom for pain and it’s been brilliant! For the first winter since my accident I have been able to do the things I want, without being in pain. Even day to day tasks like walking from the grocery store to my car for the first time in years I have been able to walk without problems. 

The strain I use is Bali Red. I also used Maeng Da as well as Bali White but I found Bali Red to be best for my personal needs. I don’t feel high or euphoric when I take it either which was a concern I had, I get the pain killing benefits and that’s it.

I cannot be happier with what I have found, a natural solution. No more pain. No more kidney problems or stomach ulcers either.

Kratom has helped me get my life back, and I don’t care what people think.