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New Secondlife social network Rezzed.Net

Luc Aubret, the infamous scripter and assault weapons maker, has struck again with which is in my own humble opinion his best idea yet. Rezzed.Net is new social network especially made for Secondlifers. What makes it different from SL Profiles in my own sense, is the actual ability to actually share your blog entries and photos in the main page. It’s also way cleaner than SL Profiles that looks like an evil version of MySpace. Rezzed.Net also have hooks into SL to verify if you are a real or fake users.

Rezzed.Net is very early beta of course, but improvement I could suggest is more space for pictures (only 10 megs allowed) and a URL list manager would be an excellent addition. Also the profile layout looks a bit messy when you insert long ass SLURL strings, maby Luc should replace the URL display as a label. Anyways for the rest, it’s pretty neato.

Rezzed.Net is a public beta. You can register too if you have a SLX account you an buy a 0L invite here, or if your logged in inworld you can get an invite through the Rezzed.Net terminal. You can add me from my Rezzed.Net profile.