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Code Red Gallery opening! 24 hour bash with live DJs on 03.08.2007 @ 5PM LST

It was hard work but I am very proud to present the Grand Gala opening of Code Red Lounge’s new Art Gallery.

Since Code Red opened, I always seen it as a place to hold memorable spontaneous gatherings. In an effort to make it a more community oriented project, and since the simple club formula was not enough to make it live, we managed the place to keep it’s fantastic club like attributes but evolve into a driver for promotion of collective arts in Second Life.

The new Art Gallery is integrated with Code Red Lounge, but also adds an additional story for more art exposition and lounging. The gallery will present works for sale from some of SecondLife’s most praised artists!

  • Marquez Tone
  • Mairead Fitzgerald
  • HolliVals Allen
  • Hiro Eldeman
  • Codie Redgrave
  • SalemNyx Lisle
  • Stephen Venkman
  • Kimberly Mirabeau
  • Collin Savon
  • Vint Falken

On this 3rd and 4th of August 2007, we will hold a monster 24h bash, with a fat DJ lineup from 5PM LST on friday. There will be 12 talented DJs playing all styles of music, you guys will never hear such a various set.

DJ Listing:

  • PunkKitty Fitzgerald
  • Cholgosh Swindlehurst
  • Metallia Stygian
  • Sabrina McGee
  • Marquez Tone
  • Wolfbringer Sixpack
  • Madam Cumming
  • Traeldor Kuhn
  • Artillo Fredericks

WHAT: 24h party with live DJ

WHERE: 30,40,121 Strata ( )

WHEN: from Friday August 3rd @ 5PM LST to Saturday August 4th @ 5PM LST