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Thought Police debarks in SecondLife

If you didn’t already hear about that shockwave hitting SecondLife in the last weeks, you must be living under a rock or didn’t login into SL for a long while. Since most of it has already been decried by others, I just wanted to add my voice to those of the vast majority of the mature SL community to denounce this new 1984 like climate on our wonderful metaverse that stays one of Role Playing between consensual adults. I wont comment more, I will just link to articles from Pixel Pulse mag and from my uber-blog guru Tateru Nino explaining the problem in details.

From PixelPulse: Linden Labs adds to the list of tought crimes

From Tateru Nino: Our world, our rules

Daniel Linden pretends that a vast majority of the community actually agrees with the measures taken by Linden Labs. Let’s show them that we are responsible citizens and that we still don’t agree with those so called community rules. Write to the Lindens, complain in the forums, blog about it, voice your opinions.