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Shooting Mashout

Quick post to mention Mairead has posted a “before posttreatment” picture from the Mairead Fitzgerald Bathory picture set.

Also Melanie Kidd posted a blog about our shoot together. How shweet she is.

Finally Met CodeBastard Redgrave Aka Codie

I also want to mention I will put a little halt of shooting for friends, just until I finish shooting the dozens of sets necessary to complete the comic book project. Normal activities will resume very soon for regular photoshoots. I may post other little goodies from time to time, you know Codie, I can’t stop shooting. Speaking of that I have a harddrive full of Vint’s lascive dancing and I expect I will capture many new crunchy bits to post in the times to come. But I really want that Comic book project to be achieved in a timely fashion. I want to mention that the scenario is already done, apart minor storylines to arrange. I’m preparing the setting plan, which will be laborious to plan because of the timezones and different playtimes of the actors. I am planning it in a way I can easily roll the needed shoots from week to week in a proper order and priority to insure production will be swift and organized, but also mobile and flexible. All the props, locations, characters are being determined at the moment. Hopefully this way, all will be preshot in the first week or two, and I will be able to produce the reamining episodes real faster.